The WG Group

Founded in 1995

Three exclusive agreements with world premier carriers, Verizon, Sprint and Cricket Wireless. At its peak, WG operated 300 retail locations across the US


63 retail locations,
with presents in MI, OH, NC, KY, IN, NY & NJ


Always taken pride in serving authentic and traditional Mediterranean dishes as well as American, Arabic, and Italian.


Distribution & Logistic center with exclusive agreement servicing over 200 traditional retail & airport locations


31 Verizon Locations

Sold in 2015


Signed world’s only authorized retail licensing agreement with RIM – BlackBerry to open exclusive BlackBerry stores (BlackBerry from Wireless Giant)

Mr. Hanna is the founder, C.E.O. and President of GNC Communications, Inc., (“GNC”) and its affiliated companies.  Since the inception of GNC in 1995, Mr. Hanna developed the Wireless GIANT® concept and managed the business and financial operations.  Mr. Hanna also has an ownership interest in a number of wireless retail stores which conduct business operations under the Wireless GIANT® trademark.  Mr. Hanna has been a successful entrepreneur in numerous other business ventures. Mr. Hanna focuses a significant amount of his time growing his real estate portfolio with a large focus on the growing metropolitan Detroit area. Wireless Giant and its affiliated companies are headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan. Operations, IT, Marketing, property management and Accounting are housed at this location to support Mr. Hanna’s diverse investments throughout the country.