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The WG Group

Founded in 1995


Sprint by

Fast Wireless

Opened 1st Nextel retail door in Midwest in 1995 & now with 63 retail locations, with presents in 8 states - MI, OH, NC, KY, IN, NY & NJ.


BlackBerry from

Wireless Giant

Created world’s 1st exclusive Blackberry® stores under authorized retail licensing agreement. Developed 10 BlackBerry stores operating in 8 United States airports.


Global Network Comm.

& Wireless Giant

Leading innovator in wireless retail which developed the Wireless Giant® brand – the first multi carrier wireless retail concept. GNC and Wireless Giant has operated over 300 retail locations across the US.


ZZ Market

Always taken pride in serving authentic and traditional American, Mediterranean and Italian dishes.


Verizon by

Wireless Shop

Successfully developed, operated and later sold 31 Verizon locations.


WG Wholesale

Distribution & Logistic center with exclusive agreement servicing over 200 traditional retail and airport locations.