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EV-Charging Solutions For All Your Charging Needs.

We Provide Level 2 and Level 3 DC EVSE for home, public and commercial location.


We produce modern electric vehicle charging systems

EVmode is a newly formed US company based in Madison Heights, MI, with satellite offices in California, with a manufacturing plant in South Korea. Our goal is to provide robust and economic level 2 and 3 EV chargers suitable for private and public locations.  In addition, we have partnered with leaders in the EV charging field to provide the best customer experience in the rapidly changing EV charging market.

We are the leading developer and installer of modern electric vehicle charging systems


Level2 Charger

EVmode level 2 charger can charge 19.2Kw and 12Kw with 1 channel.


55" Display Stations

EV charging station with on-site video advertising base on high-traffic for the property partners and advertisers.


Commercial Systems (Coming Soon)

Robust design suitable for extreme conditions and temperatures.

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